POST#30: Forever: A word meant to be challenged

Nowadays, teenagers are so mean whenever they are asks like does forever exist or is there a forever between the one who falls in love to the one who doesn’t seem like it’s a love or one sided love either. In my personal understanding about forever is that when you two have promised to be with each other through thick and thin, through whatever is that barrier that hinders your “hi”, “hello”, “I love you”, or “Yes I do” is a personal choice. Of course it is, so if your love to the one you show compassion isn’t fulfilling to execute a bottle carried out with water like trying to fight just to finish the race well better end that love and start looking for someone whom you will take the risk.

What’s that love for, when you’re just trying to make boys/girls as trial and error thing like trying make a comparison between your chosen guys or girls and trying to balance who’s gonna be your forever or who’s attitude you must be living with until the end?

I remember what my cousin have told me about looking for someone whom will give up everything just to show you that someone is worth crying, that billions of people are living in this world and maybe one of them is trying to look something about your side too. That when the signs have met and if when you see him/her as you close your eyes dating with you then marry that one, that someone is worth living, that someone is worth praying obviously.

I just met the signs. I just asked God about that someone as my mine, however I do not know or I can not answer such questions like why God doesn’t fix us now,  or are those signs are true enough to let God fix our hearts?

I do not know what I am writing right now, I do not know what these words are for, or is my meaning meet yours too? Well lemme explain what’s going on with my love life journey. Soon you will realize why I am bitter to the one’s who answers there’s no forever, because FOREVER IS MEANT TO BE CHALLENGED!

Thus, when you love someone well you really have to fight for it. You really have to show that promises are often not meant to be broken. Promises are made chosen to be fought until the end. It’s a will and often a choice. Whichever you see it as worth building well go for it!

True love waits.


POST#27: The Real Essence in The Heart of Passion

The passion of writing really runs through my blood. Even the description from my |about| column part there you will read how writing influenced me a lot. And yeah! It made an immense smudge to me personally. Thus awareness comes out that never stop writing for this is my zeal; I love to write, I wanna be a writer, I won’t stop writing. Because I love and I will.

Intellectually, because of writing I got sort idea of life diversity, different words and or thoughts about life where those insights helped me grew as a person, a better one.

From an awareness of-Why don’t you try blogging instead? Even then, I habitually use the blank pages of my notebook with poems, quotations etc., that encouraged me to truly publicize my works. From a notebook to a site? That sounds amazing, isn’t it? And there I told myself “Why won’t you try? Go! 0-read does not mean you’re not good at all, there are just many people who are better than you, that where you need to follow them.” Thus, I can also find there different blogs where I could learn like how to be a great writer.

And from blogging I was then encouraged also to why won’t try making a novel too? Because I’m a person who likes to explore new ideas or new things actually.HAHA that everything I want to try, to make another gaze or new angle as a person.

So there, I was pushed to express my story to a novel. As I was writing my first novel; another routine changes me like before I slept I thought about what’s next? What then?, and even after I pray in the morning same thing-thinking about what’s next?

And at least I finished it, and I realize-

If you’re a novice try to experience something worst, and learn to apply those experiences for it’s the only way to make you to be better one.

And there I also experienced different falls, big adjustments, oodles of edition, and bags of conflicts for I didn’t make a plot-what I did was just letting my mind to work and never had a feeling to express it through jotting down. And that I experience the big challenge there, my Chapter 1 and later chapters of my novel are nowhere to be understood also.HAHAH like it turned to the left side of the story, or the ending is not related to the Chapter1 HAHHA


writing is my passion; barriers cannot impede me, and I won’t stop.

Thus, I just continued writing and I pushed it through the happy ending of the story.

Until I got news to try also submitting novels in a fictional publishing company here in the Philippines, but my novel is already paid and it should not be publicize thou? so I wrote another one. There I made now a plot, a theme, even character mopping I did it. So it’s just like the application of my mistakes, where I guess the best novel I could write thou.

Then after I finished the Chapter 1, prologue and the story description I posted it immediately to the for it’s one of the training ground to those writers who wants there novels to be published.

Unluckily, the day after I posted the update there I got low reads like I guess nobody read it, and I want to end it instead or to stop it instead of wasting my time. I was really feeling dismayed the moment I saw the reviews maybe because I over impressed my work, because I realized that while I was writing the story I was dreaming about the reader’s reaction that I’m sure they would like it or read it. For it’s a consequence of over thinking myself like omg I’ll be famous in thee. But it’s not.

Until, I realize I forgot the real essence in the heart of passion; why I write, why I need to spend my time with this. Bla.bla.bla.bla

I write because I want to, I really love to, and writing makes me forget my problem. For writing is my passion, whether I will get no reads or whatsoever that doesn’t matter, because it’s my passion and its real essence; to write with heart.

Passion doesn’t require applause; if you want to, you will love it too.


Why do days are sometimes so cruel to me?

I don’t understand; why does it really need to be,

Aren’t for the aims thus each consequence is a must?

Tell me that I may know; if preparation can bear me, all the way.

For I can make a fight for whatever is it,

For I can also stand since God is with me

And I am not alone.

It may be blurry to anybody,

Nevertheless prayer sprints to every part of me,

However prayer needs an effort to a deed,

That makes every yearning to be so achievable.

What makes everything again to be compatible?

Trust, Faithfulness, Effort+Action and a Prayer,

For life is hard to explain hence, hints are all around me.

I’ll fight for I know I can,

I’ll stand for I discern that I have to,

Because God told me “Chin-up as you should have to”

Remember: Every effort has a price.

Surely, I’ll put on stones through my journey,

That I may not forget what hardwork brought me to there,

For God loves those who look back, from what experience of one’s had.

thus, let me note this to everybody,

that PRAYER IS AN APPLICATION, from an inquiry for a long journey.

POST#25:Price in Every Effort

Pass the challenge first and feel the luxury then. For it’s really better luxury to be felt after a plan of God that He wants for us.

My Biochemistry teacher told me “Marlon, how can you get the pick you aim, if you don’t work for it? Remember, it’s very fulfilling when all your hard-works will be paid off” while I was in a messy-grade from her. That inspiring message gazes me now, and I bore those words and now I’m really working for it effectively. Thus, I experience what she really meant about her words. I got the score/grade that I’d worked-it’s like a mania that you want to experience it more and move it for more.

Simply, life needs to be awaken and tell life “What more life can do?” And bear this that EVERY EFFORT HAS A PRICE.

POST#24:Pressure under Lux

Gadgets are inaudibly expensive, but the world has been tainted thus, people still hit upon ways on how they can get it. Frequently, people may answer-material things rather than being beloved by someone if they are ask about; what brings people into great happiness. Innovation does beyond man’s power; they are likely to be compared with a genius. But new innovations like gadgets, etc. should not be compared with human will in terms of its feelings. Despite of all the coming out negative response about the new innovations, still there are certain people who seek their selves just to make a fulfillment of their lives. For the reason that, those treat can work best than human beings. However, are those people would still like to get pressure under luxury, if love brings better happiness than those?

Jam Sebastian a known Filipino youtube sensation bought the latest iPhone6 before he died as a fulfillment of this dream having iPhone in a widescreen. Another news-the most expensive camera ever sold at $2.8 million making it as the most expensive camera ever. And the one who bought the camera died months after he purchased it. From that news, is it really worth buying for if Jam Sebastian died because of cancer which costs $100,000 for a one year drug treatment? According to, the treatments for cancer conditions are price above $100,000 for a year, and the study also stated-the average cost of care per episode (three to four months of treatment) is around $20,000 higher. See, people are pressured for a treatment only, would people still add the luxury?

It has been constantly stated that luxury can fulfill man’s basic needs. Remember that-from Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs the top most prioritize basic need is the need of Physiological response and followed by the love and belongingness. Moreover, nowadays-man wishes to have material luxury rather than being beloved by someone that somehow breaks their hearts, which are gone these days. Yes, it’s easier when people nowadays can have a request to their smartphones like “Cortana, I’m hungry please call Pizza delivery to order me one pepperoni” or Siri from iPhone like “Please call mom, I’m not well”, a lot more of application/gadgets that no need for an exertion of efforts.

They don’t realize that they cannot get it without hard works. Thus, foods sustain everything. Like the energy to do so, vitamins that strengthen his bravery/muscles, etc. The pressure of blood circulates well when one has a proper diet (foods), and the maintenance of balancing the homeostasis, which only foods can do it. When one gets sick because of skipping those, again most of their monies may be spent as their hospital bills, and they may be dead that every luxury of a man has cannot be bought into hell or heaven. Still it’s purposeless, people will exert most of their efforts into nothing, but another question is that if people live only once why won’t they cherish it?

After all, working for happiness is a luxurious gift which cannot be ever bought by anybody. The smile as one receives the gift cannot be measured with a ruler; because in reality time will come that fulfillment may be one of the reasons why people really need to strive. Remember that, a man should pressure himself from aiming peso into pesos, hundred into hundreds, thousand into thousands, and pain into happiness thus, never look unto other’s footsteps seeking to make million into millions, billion into billions, and security into securities. What matters the most is that, whatever one makes happy if he can do it let him go.